Tragic is Magic is a 501c3 organization that provides financial and mental health support to foster care youth in California. We help foster care youth grow through life struggles and make an impact on the world.




Dream It . Believe It. Achieve It. Dream big. Believe in the beauty of your purpose. Achieve by reaching for the stars through action, effort and courage. Where tragic experiences become magical ones.



Magical May



"Awe-inspiring organization! I'm so grateful for the assistance and kindness of Tragic is Magic and its President, Elexus Hunter. You don't have to look farther than the organization's title to behold its humanitarian heart—beating with an enthusiasm to transform the lives of traumatized, or otherwise disadvantaged, foster youth. From the bottom of my heart—thank you, Tragic is Magic!"

- Nicholas Olivares| 2018 Recipient 

"I don't get compensated for this. 100 percent of all donations and proceeds goes towards the organization. I don't do this because I want something out of it...I do it because it's the right thing to do!"

- Elexus Hunter | Founder of Tragic is Magic

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