Elexus Hunter

A proud native of San Francisco, CA, Elexus Hunter believes in giving back to her community, as well as empowering others. Never one to run from difficulties, Elexus transformed her own life from surviving abusive relationships to becoming a college graduate and burgeoning business professional. A quick glance at her childhood, struggles and triumphs, swiftly points out that this overcomer and now survivor has been equal to the task.

Elexus is serious about changing the mindset of the next generation by addressing civic groups and organizations geared toward uplifting at-­risk youth.  Elexus’ insight on achieving goals, academic excellence, teamwork, and life skills provide the next generation with requisite competencies to attain lasting success. Elexus’ fans and followers revere her for her mastery of teaching all who will listen how to accomplish unfathomable goals and tap into their limitless potential.

Just because we go through trauma doesn't mean our outcome has to be traumatic, it can be MAGICAL

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